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About Department of Physical Chemistry

Our department is a part of Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Prague University of Chemistry and Technology. It provides a two-semester course in basic physical chemistry and two-semester tuition in laboratory practice. The aim of the course is to provide students with theoretical background for effective control of important chemical operations, for production of organic and inorganic chemicals, pharmaceutical and petrochemical products.

In addition to this, in the following years the department provides advanced education in physical chemistry for selected students within the framework of its own specialization. These special courses are designed with emphasis on the research carried out in the department. The graduate will be qualified for a position of a manager or researcher mainly in chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical industry; however, this education qualifies him for a variety of other activities, too. For more information see the education.

Of course, the department provides the research work in the field of physical chemistry. The main goal is the applied thermodynamics, but we also study kinetic processes, membrane separations and deal with theoretical physical chemistry. For details see the research activities.

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