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Laboratory of enhanced spectroscopies and near-field microscopy

Head of group

Ing. Marcela Dendisová, PhD.
b marcela.dendisova(at)vscht.cz
e +420 22044 3694

Team members

Adéla Jeništová
Pavla Šimůnková
Milan Plicka
Martin Král

Research topic

The research of the laboratory if focused on plasmonic nanomaterials and their use in the field of plasmonic-enhanced optical spectroscopies and near-field microscopy. We are interested in new preparation methods of metallic (Au, Ag and Cu) nanostructured systems applying different approaches (from classical chemical reduction, over electrochemical metal coating, vacuum sputtering, to “green” synthesis using natural products). We develop methodologies of surface-enhanced and tip-enhanced vibrational spectroscopic techniques (SEVS, TERS, SNIM) for characterization of nanostructured surfaces, studies of physico-chemical processes in single molecular layer on plasmonic antennas, e.g. in the presence of radiation (surface photocatalytic reactions). We study assembled systems in micron and sub-micron scale starting from model monolayers of small organic molecules, over biologically important compounds to real samples – tissues, extracts of natural materials. We use advanced instrumental equipment which allows us to combine optical spectroscopies with microscopic techniques from optical microscopy to nanoscopic techniques (AFM, STM etc.).

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