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Laboratory of phase equilibria: Measurement and prediction of solubilities

Head of group

Assoc. Prof. Karel Řehák, PhD.
e +420 22044 4039

Team members

Pavel Morávek
Martin Klajmon
Jiří Velas

Research topic

The group focus on experimental determination of solubilities of solids, liquids and gases and on computational treatment of data that involves correlations and prediction of solubilities by means of equations of state and other thermodynamic models. The laboratory is equipped with experimental apparatuses (usually of own design) for measurement of phase equilibria and analytical instruments (GC, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, KF-coulometer, vibration tube density meter). An apparatus for determination of vapour–liquid equilibrium (at low pressures), an apparatus for measurement of gas solubilities (0.1–5 MPa) and various experimental devices for determination of liquid–liquid and solid–liquid equilibria are operated in the laboratory.

Correlations and predictions of solubilities are based on utilization of models for the excess Gibbs energy (Wilson equation, NRTL, UNIQUAC, UNIFAC, NRTL-SAC) and equations of state of the PC-SAFT type. Computational treatments of data are usually done by self-made programs.

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