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Surface and interface phenomena


Head of group

Ing. Štěpán Hovorka, Ph.D.
e +420 22044 4163

Team members

Lidmila Bartovská
Alena Randová

Research topic

The group is focused on a theoretical and experimental study of phase interfaces (vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid and solid-liquid) and colloidal systems. The particular topics are

a) Experimental study of the concentration and temperature dependence of surface and interfacial tension leading to an extension of a database with physical properties (e.g. solutions of organic non-electrolytes in water and aqueous solutions of inorganic salts and denaturants of proteins are the subject of the study)

b) A creation of a correlation equation (based on a theoretical model) that enables a quantitative description of mutual relations among physical properties of mobile phase interfaces (surface and interfacial tension) and a bulk of liquid phase (activity coefficients of components in the solution)

c) Experimental study of wettability of solids by liquids focused on pharmaceutical topics

d) Collaboration with ICPF of the CAS and IMC of the CAS on a project aiming at a resolution of racemic mixtures to particular enantiomers

e) Experimental study of physical properties of polymer membranes immersed in liquid solutions. Permeability and diffusion coefficients (i.e. kinetics of mass transport through the membrane), overall sorption of solution in the membrane and preferential sorption of particular components (phase equilibrium) and swelling of the membrane are measured. This activity is an extension (no duplication) of a research of Laboratory of membrane separation processes of Dr. Friess that is focused on membranes touched by gases and vapors

f) Experimental study of solutions of surfactants

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