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Theoretical photodynamics research group

Head of group

prof. RNDr. Petr Slavíček, Ph.D.
e +420 22044 4064

Team members

Eva Muchová
Lukáš Tomaník
Jakub Med
Jiří Suchan
Jan Chalabala
Štepán Sršeň

Research topic

Laboratory of Theoretical Photodynamics aims at modeling interactions between photons and molecules. Due to advancement of laser technologies, light can be these days controlled in time, energy, or position with unprecedented precision. Our goal is to understand how we can control the molecules via the light. In our work we investigate a wide range of topics, e.g., biomolecular photostability, atmospheric photodynamical processes following the excitation of the molecules, interaction of molecules with high energy radiation or photoionization and charge-transfer reactions. At the same time, we aim to model molecules beyond the gas phase, investigating finite molecular aggregates or molecules in the condensed phase. Part of our work is also necessarily devoted to the development of new and more efficient techniques of molecular simulations. We develop new methods for simulating electronic spectra, new quantum chemical approaches or novel approaches for modeling solvent.

Website of Laboratory of Theoretical Photodynamics

photox.vscht.cz (in English)

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